People have different opinion on what branding is and there are lot of misconceptions as well. Some people think it's a Logo or Promotional material or Company colours etc. It's all that and a whole lot, more.

At Isimanje Marketing for us Branding is a Strategic process of putting together a Story about a particular business or product.  

What the  Brand or the story does is express  the truth and the value of that particular business or product. Brands are very important assets that business should invest in and protect.  

Peoples loyalties lie with Brands not with products.


Marketing is another concept different people viewed that differently. For us marketing is the means used to reach goals set when Branding.  

There are several marketing Channels or concepts one can use to implement the tactics. Selecting The right distribution channels, Media, Public Relations or the right concepts like Content marketing, Experiential Marketing, Sports marketing etc. are important for implementing tactics.    

Branding & Marketing


Our Branding services include,  but not limited to:
  • Developing a Brand manual
  • Brand positioning  
  • Corporate Identity design
  • Promotional Material
  • Online presence
  • Brand management


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