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Professional, Custom  Design Websites

In today fast pace digital world no business can afford not to have online presence and a website the heart of an online strategy for any organisation is a best place to start.

At Isimanje Marketing we pride ourselves in designing unique and professional websites for our clients. Not only do we custom design websites but we also make sure that they are inline  and conveys the brand`s story.

There are two type of screens that are used to gain access to the Internet by Online communities, those are mobile and desktop screens. Because of this split in consumption of the Internet, we as Isimanje Marketing Design fully responsive and mobile compatible websites for our clients to make sure that all screens are catered for, meaning that there will be no need for an additional mobile website  development.

Site Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What Is SEO?

In simple English, Site engine optimisation is a process of trying to place your website high  or improve its rankings on search Engines (Google).

By default, all published websites will be indexed, meaning search engines will crawl your site. However, in an Internet world of millions of websites all being constantly indexed, website optimize will allow your website to appear higher in a user's search results.

We do This in a Number of different ways, with set search terms for your site, use social media accounts, register on Google analytics etc. Ranking higher on Google does take time, it doesn't happened instantly.

We offer this service pre and post publishing of the site.

Social Media Management

Most businesses and people make a mistake of thinking social media is  only pushing their businesses, products and services.   

Social Media is more then Just a Pushing platform but its a great business tool, a source of important market data, a connection point to  the target market.

At Isimanje Marketing we offer this service as a stand alone or as a package with website management. Some of the things we do when managing social accounts are:

# Design social media strategy in line with your bran,

#  Creating content to appeal to the your target market,

# Analyse data from these social accounts,

# Push campaigns on these platforms and a lot more.  

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